We, the boosters, get to support the kids of the Rancho Maze Band and Colorguard. We are proud. 

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Welcome to the Rancho Maze Band Boosters!

About us

The Rancho Maze Band Boosters Association is, at its core, a family-based club dedicated to supporting the Rancho Maze Band and its related programs (Collectively referred to as the "band") through volunterism, structure, and funding. The "boosters" or members of this association, are governed by the Board Of Directors (BOD) of whom meet regularly to plan and manage the business affairs of the 501C3 Non-profit organization.

A "booster Meeting," or general membership meeting, is open to all Band Parents, families, alumnus, and interested individuals and is genrally held the second Wednesday of each month. Band Parents and loved ones are especially encouraged to take part in what makes this program SO special to our students and to help how we decide how we evolve through the next year. 


Our Mission


We are the Rancho Maze Band Boosters Association a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization founded with the primary purpose of encouraging the development of invaluable life skills, such as self-discipline, confidence, commitment, responsibility, and personal pride, through the funding of music and visual performing arts education. 


Our Commitment

To instill financial structure and program stability through fundraising in which to further support the education and activities of the capital Rancho Maze Band Students, and their related programs. 


To encourage students to strive for excellence in visual and performing arts, in an effort to help educate, develop and broaden the training, knowledge, personality, and general character of students. 


To provide optimistic, and positive support to the Music Director and all of the members of the Band. 


To develop community awareness of the efforts of the Band students. 


To recognize and award Band students' achievements. 


Rancho Maze Band Boosters

PO Box 623 

Hollister, CA 95024