…and all that is Band & Colorguard are in full swing!  


The season’s change is a beautiful reminder that warmth and family are paramount.  What we have, musically and in our phenomenal Band Family, is meant to be shared with the world around us.  We value this stuff so much that every single practice, event, & fundraiser will promote collaboration, inclusivity, and service.  We are preparing the next generation of amazing people - let’s take special care in ensuring our Band & Colorguard kids are some of the best out there!


Our students have just over one month under their belts, and have already participated in (10) fundraisers, (3) marching practices, and (4) high school collaborative events, all including team building, family inclusivity, and service to our community.  …And these kids are just getting started!  


Marching Practices 

With marching practices now officially underway, our Symphonic Band and Colorguard will be eagerly preparing for their upcoming parades.  Each of these practices are essential!  Students are measured and fitted for their marching uniforms, practice their marching procedure, stance, block, and calls, as well as review routines & music.  These are also hugely significant bonding opportunities for these students, and some of the only moments RMB students from schools all over the district are able to collaborate and team-build.  You can’t afford to miss a single one!  


Marching Band Practice Dates and Times

9:00am-12:00pm 10/07, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28, & 11/04/23


Parade Dates

11/11, 11/25, & 12/02/23 (Timing Schedule TBD)


Concerts & Displays

Concert & Symphonic Band students have their music in hand, professional concert binders assembled, and are already hard at work making beautiful music.  Please be sure to jot these important dates down; You won’t want to miss your student’s opportunity to shine!  We’re so excited!


We are also working very closely with our Colorguard Director to plan several performance displays and even entertaining the possibility of hosting a non-adjudicated Colorguard Show of our own.  Keep those eyes peeled!


Winter Concert 12/07/23

Spring Concert 05/09/24

Colorguard Home Show TBD


Throughout the season, there will be many more events for your students to showcase their skills, learn, grow, collaborate, and compete.  As soon we know all the fun specifics, we will always make sure you know, too!


Challenge Yourself!

CMEA CCS Honor Band Auditions are coming up!  Doesn’t matter if your student is a 6th, 7th, or an 8th grader.  If they feel they are up for the challenge to represent the Rancho Maze Band musically at the prestigious Central Coast Section, we want them auditioning!  Please be sure to review all the specifics, along with required music, audition dates/fees, and mandatory rehearsal dates/fees (if accepted) in the BANDapp if you’re interested.  


Want to test the water first, or just want a little more support in the audition process?  

Ms. Silveria will be having weekly Honor Band Practices to encourage our students to feel more confident & ready come audition time.  Simply have your student bring their preferred instrument, all required music, and a strong determination to learn.  Mr. Martinez will be happy to address any further questions your family may have about Honor Band.


Honor Band Practices (Optional):

Rancho San Justo MS Band Room w/ Ms. Silveira

1201 Rancho Drive, Hollister, CA 

3:15-4:15pm Thursdays (starting 10/12/23)


Ways to Show Your Support

It’s important to remember that we are a 501(c)3 self-funded non-profit organization.  Fundraisers and volunteer support are the ONLY way our kids can keep doing all the fun stuff they do.  We wholeheartedly encourage you to take part in every opportunity you’re able to help us support and fund what these kids love!


As the season kicks into full gear, there will be more and more ways for you to get involved!  All of these wonderful opportunities (and everything else for the season) will be posted on the BANDapp for you to peruse, sign-up, and take action - it’s a ton of fun!


We have a ton of fantastic events popping up very soon.  If all of us do a little to participate & spread the word, each of these fun funding moments can REALLY do wonders for our students.  


RMB Apparel is Here!

Don’t forget to sport your RMB Gear!  One of the best ways to show your support is by getting RMB tees and Hoodies for the whole fam!  You can visit our Online Webstore right here to stock up on uniform items for your student, as well as all the RMB apparel your family needs for the season.  It gets chilly out, those RMB Hoodies are a must!



Our Students and Artistic Directors (and certainly their amazing families) dedicate so much love, care, and time into this program.  From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!  We’re absolutely thrilled when the community takes notice as well - You deserve it!  Cheers to many, many more little moments just like these:


Hollister music students support the Earth | BenitoLink


Rancho Maze Band welcomes new music director | BenitoLink


Upcoming Community Events

11/15/23 Dinner & Bingo

10/05-10/26/23 Popcornopolis

10/07-11/04/23 Sneaker Drive

11/11/23 Collaborative Pancake Breakfast

11/11/23 Veterans’ Day Parade

11/25/23 Hollister Lights On Parade 

11/30/23 Mountain Mike’s Pizza

12/02/23 San Juan Bautista Lights On Parade

12/07/23 Winter Concert & Coffee for a Cause

12/21/23 Valley Pizzeria


We wholeheartedly thank all of the amazing parents and family members of this organization.  As parents & caregivers, it’s not always easy to get these guys where they need to be, fed, on time, and with all the right equipment and attire, ensure they practice, and that you attend every performance and patiently wait for them to finish - you do that everyday - and we appreciate you more than words can ever, ever say (...and shhhhhh, we’ve heard your kids do, too)!


Musically yours,


Amber Kimzey

Rancho Maze Band Boosters Association



Rancho Maze Band Boosters

PO Box 623 

Hollister, CA 95024